About Me

Hi there! My name is Mateja. I grew up and lived most of my life in beautiful Slovenia and then moved a couple of times to now living in New Zealand. Apparently, if you were a mole from Slovenia and one day you decided you wanted to dig a big giant hole through the Earth, New Zealand would be exactly where you would come out. So here I am, on the other side, from where exploring seems very exciting.

My imagination started running wild when our parents bought a World Atlas Book. Being a kid, I couldn’t put it down for months. My brother and I would endlessly play guessing games like naming countries’ capitals, cities, oceans,… A little spark was ignited. I never really saw boundaries as such, and traveling always seemed natural to me.

For me, the journey is always amazing, whether it is a journey to new places, people and experiences, or to myself. I’ve recently rediscovered my passion for travel and adventure. That passion has always been there, but I needed to travel back to myself and to that spark, to find it again. Similarly, I feel I rediscovered my lost voice and love for writing. I am excited to be here to share my stories and travel adventures.


My Current Top 10 Travel Bucket List

Backpacking in the Outback – Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Northern Territory.

Trek to Machu Pichu.

Explore Japan.

Experience Bolivian Salt Flats (Salar de Uyuni).

See the Northern Lights & cruising Alaska.

Climb Triglav and other Slovenian mountains.

Go on a safari in South Africa.

Visit Israel.

Explore Tasmania.

Go on a Virgin Galactic space flight.

Explore Sardinia.

10 Random Facts About Me

Summertime before anything else. Even better if there is an ocean nearby.

I’ve learned to say “WHY NOT” more in my life experiences. It is my version of “YES”.

Number 19 has been with me since forever. Is it my lucky number? #whynot

Water is my preferred choice of drink. I’m a cheap date.

I’ve (only) broken 2 bones in my life. Both on my fingers and both during a basketball game. I completely stopped playing it competitively. I can still shoot a ball, though.

In my experience talking about sh*t always turns out to be one of the most interesting and engaging conversation topics.

The most annoying thing about me would probably be my smart-ass-ness.

The most lovable thing about me would probably be my empathy.

Although I have a degree in Japanese language and Theology, I never worked in either of the fields.

Yes, I sing in a shower. And when driving a car. Loud.

Imagine     |     Travel     |    Repeat

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