Brisbane to Sydney Road Trip in Photos

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Brisbane to Sydney road trip, Australia East Coast of Australia is possibly the first place one wants to explore when initially visiting Australia. This is where my Australia journey started some years ago. As I’ve currently just returned from my Western Australia road trip, exploring the opposite side of the continent, I want to look back and remember those first road kilometres. Although these days I am traveling differently after learning and changing a bit, I don’t want to compare both experiences. This is not my goal here. The Pacific coast road trip is beautifully unique. Brisbane and Sydney are of course amazing cities to visit on their own, but today let’s see in the pictures the coastal landscape that lies in between both of them. So here it is, my Brisbane to Sydney road trip in photos. Fun, fun, fun Visiting one or all Theme Parks and…

Discover Australia’s Kings Canyon

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia Visiting and exploring Kings Canyon was such a rewarding experience during my Australia’s Northern Territory road trip. It’s amazing to look back and realize how the excitement levels went up when approaching the Red Centre. This part of Australia is covered with gorges, but if you decide to only visit one gorge or canyon here, then this is the one: Kings Canyon! The name says it all. You will be absolutely stunned by the vastness and the grandeur of Kings Canyon. The biological richness will surprise you and you will unmistakably feel tiny in this landscape. Today I’m inviting you to Discover Australia’s Kings Canyon with me. So let’s go! About the Kings Canyon Kings Canyon is located in the heart of Watarrka National Park, around 240 km southwest of Alice Springs and about 130 km north of Uluru (air distance). Geologic activities…

A complete guide to gorges of West MacDonnell Ranges

2017 was the year of canyons and gorges. Unexpectedly. It began with the Sardinian Gola di Gorropu and then rolled into my Australian adventures. Gorges continued to show up when I least foresaw. The central Australian landscape got me totally unprepared for what was waiting for me. How could have I expected that the desert would hold this many gorges and small oases which shelter the water source? Northern Territory road trip was an amazing adventure by itself, however, discovering gorges located in the MacDonnell Ranges west from Alice Springs was a definite highlight when approaching the Red Centre. I put aside 2 days to explore spectacular waterholes, gaps, gorges and everything in between. Interested in learning more about these gorges or already planning a visit? Here it is, A complete guide to gorges of West MacDonnell Ranges. Where exactly are West MacDonnell Ranges?West MacDonnell National Park is located on…

Mornington Peninsula in a Day

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Melbourne is one of the liveliest cities in Australia. There's so much to do, see, explore and experience in this part of Victoria. While the city itself offers endless options, I always like to look further into the surrounding landscapes and vistas. And that's something Melbourne strives at as

10 photos to make you want to visit Uluru

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Ayers Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory, Australia I've been physically so close to the Red Centre and Ayers Rock for a while now, yet it seems it's always slipped through my fingers. Finally, the timing was just right. I have to believe that. I didn't try to push it but rather wanted to be ready.

Giants of The Great Ocean Road (Part 2)

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Rock formations of the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Finding myself road tripping along the giant formations of the Great Ocean Road was one of my long-time dreams come true. The journey was initially full of anticipation and silly nervousness. What will I find out there? What if the reality doesn't match my

Giants of The Great Ocean Road (Part 1)

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Rock formations of the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I remember my first encounter with the internet. As I am quite a visual person, I was mostly and first of all drawn to the overwhelming amount of images I could suddenly search and browse through the world wide web. I would flick through

Melbourne Lighthouses

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia On my return from a road trip around Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road I realized that I had made (too) many photos of the lighthouses I came across during my exploration of this beautiful coastal landscape close to Melbourne. I guess I was subconsciously

Melbourne Weekend Getaway

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia TRAVEL DURATION: Weekend getaway My birthday weekend is here and lately, I prefer celebrating it with new experiences to anything else. I've been needing a short escape from the late winter vibes for a few months now. Melbourne it is. When there isn't a reason to pinpoint, I usually say to myself: “Why