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10 photos to make you want to visit Uluru

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Ayers Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory, Australia I've been physically so close to the Red Centre and Ayers Rock for a while now, yet it seems it's always slipped through my fingers. Finally, the timing was just right. I have to believe that. I didn't try to push it but rather wanted to be ready.

Gola di Gorropu Europe’s deepest gorge

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Gola di Gorropu Gorge, Sardinia, Italy TRAVEL DURATION: One day experience Exploring Gola di Gorropu, Europe’s deepest gorge, ended up to be the highlight of my road trip around Sardinia a couple of months ago. Up until then I only visited another gorge in New Zealand that has (besides the smaller proportions) a quite different feel to it. Without a doubt, there is something extraordinary about this particular one in Europe. It made me feel alive, filled me with inexplicable energy and also pushed the expectation bar quite high for the future canyons I now want to visit. The setting of Gola di Gorropu is just perfect. Like with so many precious things in life, you need to put in some effort (a.k.a. hike time) to reach the entrance of this gorge. It’s definitely not just sitting in the backyard of a fancy Sardinian beach resort. For me, that is…

Hike to Torre del Poetto

HIKING DESTINATION: Torre del Poetto and Sella del Diavolo, Sardinia, Italy HIKING DURATION: 2-3 hours Did you ever get lost or couldn’t find the way to your planned destination or landmark while traveling and exploring new horizons? Did you need to turn around on a whale watching excursion the very last minute because the ocean all-of-a-sudden became too rough, and at the same time watched another boat just leaving? Yeah, that weather element. It probably ends up getting most of the blame with travelers. Does it sound familiar? The thing is, it’s happened to all of us. In one shape or another. At least, that’s what I’m saying to myself. On such occasions, we’re left with a funny aftertaste of incompleteness, and either deep desire to do it better and right again the next time, or completely shattered with no intention to ever return to try again. My first hike in Sardinia…

5 Things to Do on Sardinia’s East Coast

TRAVEL DESTINATION: East Coast of Sardinia, Italy, Europe TRAVEL DURATION: 1 Week A week in Sardinia is not enough. That’s something I realized when I started planning and pinning the map with all the places I would love to see and things I would like to do. Realistically, all those pins weren’t going to happen in the time frame I had set aside for exploring the island. Focusing on the east coast for my first trip to Sardinia seemed like an obvious choice when I took a closer look at all those dots on the map. I was for many reasons drawn to it more than other areas of the island. Eastern coastal stretch offers numerous opportunities for exploring, hiking, swimming and also getting lost in an amazing landscape. Today I’ll be sharing ideas and tips on how to spend your time on Sardinia as you travel through its versatile land and…

Giants of The Great Ocean Road (Part 2)

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Rock formations of the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Finding myself road tripping along the giant formations of the Great Ocean Road was one of my long-time dreams come true. The journey was initially full of anticipation and silly nervousness. What will I find out there? What if the reality doesn’t match my level of hype and blown-out-of-proportion expectations? Deciding to take the scenic road trip down the Southern Ocean route turned out to be the best possible way to move around this part of Australia. Most importantly, I was able to make multiple stops. I could breathe in the beautiful landscape that surrounded me and make mental (and real) images along the way. No, expectations didn’t diminish the stunning reality. If you haven’t already, then please do go and check the first part (HERE) of my Great Ocean Road journey, where I focused on The Grotto, London…

Giants of The Great Ocean Road (Part 1)

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Rock formations of the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia I remember my first encounter with the internet. As I am quite a visual person, I was mostly and first of all drawn to the overwhelming amount of images I could suddenly search and browse through the world wide web. I would flick through piles and piles of them, mainly looking for beautiful inspirational landscapes. All along dreaming, imagining and hoping I would one day visit those near and far places. Whenever I would come across exceptionally inspirational landscape images, I would save them to floppy disks, CDs or DVDs, so I wouldn’t forget those places. Of course, with so much time passing by, they were eventually forgotten. When I now look at those files, I am literally shocked and perplexed, because I recognize so many of them from my real life adventures! How could it be that I…

Melbourne Weekend Getaway

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia TRAVEL DURATION: Weekend getaway My birthday weekend is here and lately, I prefer celebrating it with new experiences to anything else. I've been needing a short escape from the late winter vibes for a few months now. Melbourne it is. When there isn't a reason to pinpoint, I usually say to myself: “Why