The Needle Hike (Te Rua Manga) in Rarotonga

TRAVEL DESTINATION: The Needle (Te Rua Manga), Rarotonga, Cook Islands TRAVEL DURATION: Half day hike Wherever I go and travel to, I always try to scout out some hills or mountains to climb. There sure is something about that 360 degrees top view. I love to see the place I am visiting from a bird’s-eye perspective. Maybe for some, the airplane view would do, but for me, the hiking and climbing are much more rewarding. There is a challenge involved as well as the experience and, without the exception, the numerous surprises by the end of the hike. This was my third visit to Rarotonga in Cook Islands, and about the time to put on the hiking shoes. Sharing the experience with my brother and sister just made it all the more special. Hike Anticipation When I think about it, this was my first hike in the tropics, I guess. I started without…

10 Things I Love about Rarotonga

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Rarotonga, Cook Islands Rarotonga is the biggest and most visited island out of the 15 islands that make up the Cook Islands. It’s become my favourite go-to getaway place whenever family comes to visit New Zealand. With a warm climate all year round, it’s just the perfect and also the obvious travel choice for making some happy memories. For me, it’s quite easy to unwind here. Time slows down quite a bit in Raro, but days spent on the island are far from being boring or uneventful. New things and experiences pop up every time I find myself near these clear blue waters. There’s obviously a lot I love about Raro, so I gathered my 10 top reasons why I keep returning to this beautiful island. Small Island Although the biggest of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga is still a small island, where everybody knows everybody. The circumference of the…

Flowers and Plants of French Polynesia

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Islands of French Polynesia Once in a while, it’s just the right time to slow down and smell the roses. Literally. When I traveled to French Polynesia a month ago I was forced to take it a notch down because of my unplanned running injury. None of those are planned, I guess, and especially not the ones that happen while traveling. Time to slow down After overdoing the whole thing on a treadmill for two consequent days in the resort’s gym, my toe was hurting so bad I almost wasn’t able to walk or even step on my left foot. So I turned to Google for some answers and gave myself a laic diagnosis of ‘Metatarsalgia’. That’s a condition that can basically be treated by resting, slowing down and potentially getting new running shoes for the future runs. All in all, nothing too serious. The rest of my…

Cruising the South Pacific

TRAVEL DESTINATION: South Pacific (Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia) TRAVEL DURATION: 2 weeks During the Uni time, my thoughts often escaped towards the life and work on a cruise ship. Growing up in the continental part of Slovenia I desperately yearned for freedom that the ocean gives a person. I somehow attuned to this unexplained deeper connection