Brisbane to Sydney Road Trip in Photos

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Brisbane to Sydney road trip, Australia East Coast of Australia is possibly the first place one wants to explore when initially visiting Australia. This is where my Australia journey started some years ago. As I’ve currently just returned from my Western Australia road trip, exploring the opposite side of the continent, I want to look back and remember those first road kilometres. Although these days I am traveling differently after learning and changing a bit, I don’t want to compare both experiences. This is not my goal here. The Pacific coast road trip is beautifully unique. Brisbane and Sydney are of course amazing cities to visit on their own, but today let’s see in the pictures the coastal landscape that lies in between both of them. So here it is, my Brisbane to Sydney road trip in photos. Fun, fun, fun Visiting one or all Theme Parks and…

19 Travel Quotes To Inspire Your Wanderlust

Let’s admit, from time to time we all need a good motivational travel quote. One that lifts us up and gets us thinking about our travel bucket list. Travel quotes can evoke wanderlust and connect us all on a deeper level. When our self-encouragement runs out, we can find comfort in the words of others that captured the essence of travel and life so well. Today I collected a few of my favourite travel quotes (paired with my images) that keep encouraging me through my life journey. I hope they inspire you as well and get you out exploring this amazing planet we call home. Here they are, my collection of 19 travel quotes to inspire your wanderlust: #1. These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. (Najwa Zebian) #2. Live, travel adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry. (Jack Kerouac) #3. Get out of your house,…

10 photos to make you want to visit Uluru

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Ayers Rock (Uluru), Northern Territory, Australia I've been physically so close to the Red Centre and Ayers Rock for a while now, yet it seems it's always slipped through my fingers. Finally, the timing was just right. I have to believe that. I didn't try to push it but rather wanted to be ready.

East Coast Bays Autumn Mornings in Photos

TRAVEL / PHOTOGRAPHY DESTINATION: East Coast Bays, North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand Lately, I've spent quite a few of the autumn mornings creating photos around different beaches of the East Coast Bays. I guess I had to go through a jet lag to appreciate mornings and morning photography. I mean, I've loved early mornings since forever.