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Things that long distance Australian road trips have taught me

Living in New Zealand positions me quite close to the continent down under. I’ve been lucky enough to go on a couple Australian road trips in the past. Those long journeys through unique landscapes are where I truly started to love the open road and countless kilometers. Each of my Australian road trips has been an entirely different adventure, depending on the landscape, the season, the type of vehicle and the place in life I was at the moment. However, all of them convinced me again and again that road-tripping is the best way to explore the land down under. It’s something I’ll continue to do. Today I collected my thoughts around these road trips, hoping to find a silver lining and lessons that can also be applied to everyday life. Here they are: things that long distance Australian road trips have taught me. Let Go. One thing I’ve learned…

14 Practical Tips on how to Save and Travel More

We’re all looking for ways to travel more. Although it’s one of the most rewarding activities, it usually doesn’t come at a cheap price. When traveling is high on your list of things you want to pursue in life, then you most likely commit to finding your ways to make it a reality. You can view these ways either as sacrifices or as a means for that ultimate goal of traveling more. What it usually means is leaving behind your settled lifestyle and ways you go about your everyday. There are things you’ll occasionally (especially in the beginning) feel you’re being robbed of. I guess this needs to be clear: Yes, you’ll be missing out on certain things and you might view this process as being quite extreme. But if you just keep your focus on the objective, you’ll also start to reap the rewards. Today I am offering hands-on…

How To Survive a Long-Haul Flight

I used to love flying long flights. To be exact, I enjoyed it the first couple of times, when things were still new and fresh, and I believed circling around the globe for 25+ hours was something special. It is. It truly is – to be able to be transported such distances in such a

How To Stay Healthy and Active while Traveling

As humans we create eating, exercising and sleeping routines that keep us in check and help us reach the healthy balanced lives. Travel time is for many of us a great opportunity to break from the everyday routine. It’s our chance to escape the rules for a while. After all, that’s the time we’ve ‘earned’. There’s really no need to follow our own healthy guidelines while taking a vacation, but rather indulge all the way, right? Is it really such a good idea to let go of all the healthy habits while traveling? Today I’m focusing on things we can do during the vacation time to keep our everyday lifestyle balance rolling. This way we can continue feeling at our best and don’t have to always bounce back to our usual self when we return. There are many things a person can do to stay active and healthy when exploring…

I want to travel, but…

So, I want to travel. It’s something I am drawn to, something I feel I need and want to do. Traveling makes my life fuller, it gives me the freedom. It brings an enormous amount and sense of joy into my life and puts me in motion. All that and more. Why is it that so many times we get stopped (mostly by ourselves and our way of thinking) by the seemingly unimportant word: BUT? Seemingly, because we’re mostly unaware that it can (if said often enough) sabotage the slightest chance of actually searching for solutions and taking necessary steps or decisions to change the way of seeing things. I’ve been a ‘can do’ person most of my life, which often got me into trouble. Surely, not playing by the widely-accepted-rules or making my own rules doesn’t always get me the approval I sometimes still wish to get. Finding those endless…

Do’s and Don’ts of Hawai’i

Hawai'i might be the destination you've been dreaming about for a while, especially if you've been contemplating an escape from long winter blues in the Southern Hemisphere. Direct flights from Auckland to O'ahu make this tropical paradise easily accessible. While exploring O'ahu and Maui Islands, I gathered some definite must do's and few don'ts that I

7 Travel Tips for Bad Weather

We all know that feeling when our travel or vacation plans seem to go downhill. Pouring rain. Cold. Thunderstorm. Snow. Hail. Blizzard. It's finally our turn to take that time off work and responsibilities, and now it gets all ruined because of bad weather. It can happen whether you're planning your trip half a year