Melbourne Lighthouses

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia On my return from a road trip around Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road I realized that I had made (too) many photos of the lighthouses I came across during my exploration of this beautiful coastal landscape close to Melbourne. I guess I was subconsciously gravitating towards them. I admit, I have a certain love-hate relationship with lighthouses in general and can’t quite explain it. There is something mysterious and dark about them. It seems to me they are keeping many secrets and give me a slight chill whenever I come near them. On the other hand, they look absolutely wonderful in coastal landscapes and are there for a very good reason. They also offer so many great photographic opportunities. Lighthouses were built on specific points along the Great Ocean Road and Mornington Peninsula. A few of these places have…

Melbourne Weekend Getaway

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia TRAVEL DURATION: Weekend getaway My birthday weekend is here and lately I prefer celebrating it with new experiences to anything else. I’ve been needing a short escape from the late winter vibes for a few months now. Melbourne it is. When there isn’t a reason to pinpoint, I usually say to myself: “Why not”. Maybe it’s the European vibes that I’ve been missing, maybe it’s good food choices that Melbourne is known for, or maybe it’s just a need for me to explore and experience some new place. St Kilda Staying in St Kilda turned out to be a smart choice. Sometimes you have to go by your instincts. I loved the relaxed vibe of the area, located close to the CBD but still remote enough to escape from a busy central area. Even though I was mostly active and on the move during the days, it was nice to…