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How To Survive a Long-Haul Flight

I used to love flying long flights. To be exact, I enjoyed it the first couple of times, when things were still new and fresh, and I believed circling around the globe for 25+ hours was something special. It is. It truly is – to be able to be transported such distances in such a

5 Must Do’s in the Coastal Tasman Region

TRAVEL DESTINATION: Coastal Tasman Region, South Island, New Zealand TRAVEL DURATION: Long Weekend Top of the New Zealand's South Island is a perfect place to visit during the summer months when it becomes quite lively. If you're lucky, you'll be showered with many sunshine hours and at the same time be able to appreciate the soft breeze

5 Things to Do on Sardinia’s East Coast

TRAVEL DESTINATION: East Coast of Sardinia, Italy, Europe TRAVEL DURATION: 1 Week A week in Sardinia is not enough. That’s something I realized when I started planning and pinning the map with all the places I would love to see and things I would like to do. Realistically, all those pins weren’t going to happen in the time frame I had set aside for exploring the island. Focusing on the east coast for my first trip to Sardinia seemed like an obvious choice when I took a closer look at all those dots on the map. I was for many reasons drawn to it more than other areas of the island. Eastern coastal stretch offers numerous opportunities for exploring, hiking, swimming and also getting lost in an amazing landscape. Today I’ll be sharing ideas and tips on how to spend your time on Sardinia as you travel through its versatile land and…